The story

The Cerebellix chip is implanted in every human brain in Omnividia in order to control emotional extremes. Thanks to the chip, there is no crime, no one-on-one violence, and no strife or faction. All are united under the OmniVida (or “All Life”) philosophy.

There is also no joy, very little socializing, no happiness or laughter.  There is no meaningful human connection. Everyone leads a bleak routine-driven existence.

Omnividia, kept orderly by the Cerebellix, is under the absolute control of Henry Irvine — a complicated dictator whose ambitions often reach beyond his ability to make rational decisions.

Thirty years into the reign of Irvine and OmniVida, an underground resistance group grows in power, as its members learn to navigate their own emotions outside the influence of the Cerebellix. As these courageous dissidents work against the tyranny that has enslaved them, human connections form, a mother embarks on a quest to find her children, and  the group forms a plan to overthrow Irvine’s reign of terror.